+ What’s the age range for the program?

NGT accepts students entering 8th grade through students who have just completed 12th grade.

+ Do you have to audition for the program?

All students who register are automatically enrolled in the program. Auditions are to further cast the summer musical and are held prior to the rehearsals.

+ What do students need to prepare for their audition?

Every year, students are asked to prepare 16 bars of a song of their choice that is in the style and genre of the musical being produced. Performers need to have printed sheet music in the correct key and clearly marked for the accompanist. Student musicians will not be asked to audition for the orchestra unless the musical director requires it.

+ What do students need to wear for their audition?

Dance attire will be stipulated in the welcome packet that is sent to students prior to the audition.

+ What do students need to provide for the performance?

Students will be asked to provide their own make-up, dance shoe wear or tights/undergarments for the performances.

+ Where does the program rehearse and perform?

All rehearsals are held at Coupe Theatre Studio in Nanuet and performances take place at Fieldstone Middle School in Thiells.

+ Is tuition refundable?

There is a $20 cancellation fee through March 31st, and a $100 cancellation fee effective April 1st. No refunds will be issued after June 18th.

+ How does the ad incentive work?

All students will be asked to sell ads for the NGT playbill. Each student must provide a $100 deposit (in the form of a check) which NGT will hold until after the student sells $100 worth of ads. Once they meet the $100 requirement they will receive 50% in returns for every ad sold thereafter. For example: A student sells $300 worth of ads - after their $100 requirement they will receive a reimbursement of $100 (50% of $200) from their tuition. If they sell $970 worth of ads they end up not paying anything for the program! The ad incentive will be discussed further on the first day of auditions.

+ What is NGT's policy in regards to absences and conflicts?

NGT allows students to miss a full week of rehearsal if the conflict is due to family vacation or family emergencies. Absences are also allowed if the student is ill and provides a doctor's note. Students and parents must be aware that any conflicts are taken into consideration during the casting process.