Full Tuition Rate of $210 begins March 16th
Registration closes on June 28th

$40 cancellation fee effective March 16th.
No refunds after May 31st.


*Participants involved in the program realize that injury or illness may result during the program. In case of injury or illness, parents/guardians give permission for participant to be given medical treatment as deemed appropriate. Furthermore NGT will not be held responsible for said injury or illness to participants.

** All students will be asked to sell ads for the NGT playbill. Each student must provide a $100 deposit (in the form of a check) which NGT will hold until after the student sells $100 worth of ads. Once they meet the $100 requirement they will receive 50% in returns for every ad sold thereafter. For example: A student sells $300 worth of ads - after their $100 requirement they will receive a reimbursement of $100 (50% of $200) from their tuition. If they sell $800 worth of ads they end up not paying anything for the program! The ad incentive will be discussed further on the first day of auditions. Please be aware that NGT will not provide make-up, dance shoe wear or tights/undergarments for the performances.